How a CareerStory Coach can help you?

As a CareerStory Coach I support you in your effectiveness and performance in three key phases in career.


Career is a long game where everyday performance is as crucial as key milestones like promotion, awards and accolades. We often make the mistakes of forgetting the importance of everyday winning and building our muscle in the Career-Gym.


An active career is bound to evolve .It can be marked with change in profile ,department, sector, role, second career, career-restart or a new-career. In all a CareerStory Coach is the sounding board who helps you in career-path design, gap-assessment, upskilling, upgrading your career profile ,interview preparation and first 90 days in the new organization.


With great positions comes great responsibility for perform for others. Career becomes synonymous with persona rather than performance .Your executive presence impacts the Sensex of your organization. It’s time to showcase the thought leadership skills and map your body of work as digital asset.

Building your CareerStory : Levels

Your CareerStory grows with you. It is a dynamic narrative of your career and a powerful journey, for smart professionals who actively reinvent themselves with their profile, pitch and persona and lead a long-term successful career. There are three levels in this journey.


  • CareerStory for being Leadership Ready
    The missing ingredient in transforming your career from Good to Great.
  • Stage of career:
    This level will benefit anyone who is an aspiring leader with an experience of 10-15 years
  • Short term engagement:3-8 weeks


  • CareerStory for being Boardroom Ready
    Being the Top Voice in your domain.

  • Stage of career:
    This level will be appropriate for rising leaders with an experience > 15yrs
  • Long term engagement: 6-9 months and beyond


  • CareerStory for being Legacy Ready
    Your career will come to an end but your CareerStories will live on.
  • Stage of career:
    This level is exclusively for established leaders with an experience > 25yrs
  • Long term engagement:9-12months and beyond

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